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Jes is on a mission. She is dedicated to telling the stories of women in leadership to inspire other women in her community. See how oogur helps Jes regain valuable time to continue this mission.



Build custom campaign URLs for your marketing and advertising campaigns.


Manage all URLs and UTMs you have built in one easy-to-use web application.


See the web analytics for each shortened URL that you build and share from within oogur.

Build, Tag, Shorten, Measure & Manage

Use one application to accomplish all your link management tasks. Oogur is an easy to use builder, tagger, shortener, manager, and click tracking application.


Transform Direct Traffic in Google Analytics

Can you relate? You've worked so hard to build out your latest marketing campaign. You know darn well that your website visitors are arriving because of your latest promotion, but you are puzzled because the majority of your recent traffic shows up as Direct Traffic rather than traffic from the sources which you shared the promo.


Chris Theisen, Marketing Automation Manager


With multiple people on our team using a parameter generator, then a shortener and some using their own Chrome plugins it became difficult to track all of our link building activity. Then add on a spreadsheet to catalogue them all, even within a collaboration suite like Office365 or Google Docs, and the process isn’t ideal.


Working within one platform for all of these functions has been a tremendous benefit.

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See How It Works

Take a few minutes to see how to use oogur as a URL builder, link shortener, and manager.

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Google Analytics Campaign Reports Become Much More Precise & Informative

When you use oogur, you gain the power to easily demonstrate that your marketing campaigns are working. Remove the questions of where your visitors originated due to dark traffic. Appropriately attribute success and conversions to the work you've done.

Efficiency Features

Oogur is already full of great features and continues to grow regularly based on feedback from expert marketers like yourself. Below is a glimpse of what we have today.

Are UTMs a pain for you? Create your account & build smarter today.

More Pain Relieving Features

Our very talented marketers are constantly providing input on the direction of oogur. We are excited to offer the following features today. Stay tuned - this list will GROW quickly!

Import URLs & UTMs

Do you have previously built UTMs you want to use? No problem. Import them.

Lowercase Enforced

For consistency, we’ve got your back. Even if you forget to use all lowercase in your building process, our URL output enforces lowercase.

Unlimited URLs & UTMs

We don’t restrict the number of URLs you build or UTMs you save.

Manage URLs Without a Spreadsheet

You will no longer need that clunky spreadsheet to manage your campaign URLs. Oogur is fun and easy to use.

Easily Build Multiple URLs

You can easily create generate one URL at a time or multiples with different utm_source’s.

Export URLs

Want to save your data? Export your URL’s into a CSV in one click.

Shorten URLs

Use oogur to build and shorten your URLs with our built-in shortener.

Shortened URL Analytics

When you share a shortened URL, you’ll get live click data right inside oogur.

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