Email Signature Marketing Automation Drives Leads – UTM Tags Help With Tracking Them In Google Analytics

If you have signed up for an email signature management platform, you’re ahead of the game when it comes to taking advantage of one of the most personal means of presenting calls to action in your everyday communication.

If you haven’t yet, we recommend taking a look at the available platforms to help with managing your team’s signatures.

Why email signature marketing works

Think about how many 1:1 emails you send out daily. You are breaking through the noise of automated emails and hitting inboxes of your VIP’s directly.

They recognize your name.

They open the email because you are addressing them directly.

They get email on all their devices because it is the primary means of business communication.

In addition to the personal message you send to the contact, you have the opportunity to engage them in yet another way. Including a beautiful email signature with a CTA prompting them to learn more about your company’s current deal, event, ebook, blog post, or whitepaper, is such an effective way to send a relevant message to an already engaged contact.

Automation is better than manually updating email signatures

Leading the marketing for an Indianapolis software company, one of the things that I took up on myself was ensuring that our team had consistent email signatures. If we had an event to promote, a tool that we wanted to share, or a product announcement, I would create my signature first. Once I was satisfied with my signature, I would copy and paste it in an email and send it to the rest of the team. It never failed. We would spend HOURS revising alignment, font, links, etc… It was really a pain.

How email signature automation works

Take a tool like, for example. Once the application is enabled throughout the company’s overarching email system, the xink platform enables the marketing team to create unique signatures that automatically update in the footer of the designated category of users defined in the platform.

It may make sense for your support team to have a different CTA than your sales team. An example may be a link to an FAQ document or a how-to video that answers the top received question from customers. These are some examples to give you ideas.

How to track the clicks from the email signatures

Email signature platforms provide analytics in addition to the management features. You can expect to see data like how  many times your CTA was clicked, the number of opens, and more. Some platforms offer the enablement of standard UTM tagging. However, if you really want to drill down into the signature campaign traffic, including which CTA specifically drove the greatest number of leads, we recommend custom UTM tagging.

Using a tool like oogur, you can easily build links for each individual email signature marketing campaign, segment or group of team members, and clearly identify and track the specific content that drove the greatest amount of traffic and conversions.

A fully tagged link might include the following:


I created another post that explains how to see the data in Google Analytics. Check it out here.

Now the question becomes: To include NPS voting or not?

p.s. You can get a FREE TRIAL of Xink! 

Without NPS Voting: 

Signature created with


With NPS Voting (Great example to include in support team email signatures!)

Signature created with


Have you seen creative email signatures? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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