Did you see oogur on ProductHunt.com?

If not, first I should ask: Have you heard of Product Hunt?

Just in case you don’t know what the site is, it is a platform where products, tech products mainly, are given a crowdsourced way to gain traction based on upvoting from the engaged community members.

The Hunt

A Product Hunt “hunter” reached out to me on the iPad entrepreneurial social community called Silo. Manish Sharma was the hunter. He said that he had done a little research on oogur and that he thought it was worthy of sharing with the community. He was great about helping me get prepared to launch on the site.

The Results

Oogur was made it to the front page of Product Hunt and got upvoted 84 times. Only a handful of the votes were my friends! The traffic spike was pretty impressive. Before the hunt, we hadn’t really done much to drive traffic, so we saw about a 2000% boost in traffic for the week. It was short-lived, but now I know that if it happens again, having a great strategy for engagement will be key to retaining the visitors.

You can vote

You can still upvote and help to keep oogur high in the marketing and analytics categories. What are you waiting for?

Go vote!


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