Have you been using UTM tags, but aren’t really sure why?

I had a meeting yesterday with an oogur user and realized that there were some opportunities to share some of my favorite tips when using UTM tags and Google Analytics.

These questions were answered and it seemed worthy of sharing with you in case you were also wondering!

  1. Where do I see the Google Analytics reports for the campaign that I just launched?
  2. Is there a dashboard that I can create to see all of my data?
  3. If I run an A/B test using different CTA’s or links in different areas of my email, where can I see that in Google Analytics? (See response to question #1)


Question 1:

Where do I see the Google Analytics reports for the campaign that I just launched?

There are a few different ways which you can drill down and see the reports. The way that I typically navigate to see them is as follows:

Step 1: When you login to Google Analytics, navigate to the Acquisition menu item and click on Campaigns. As you expand that menu item, you’ll see a few different options, but for now, just select All Campaigns.

Step 2: Click into the campaign you are currently running. This campaign name would have been set in your utm_campaign=______ parameter. By default, you will see the Source/Medium data.

Step 3: Click the Secondary Dimension drop down. Enter “content” in the search field and select Ad Content. For those of you who have named the utm_content field in the links you’ve built to monitor an A/B test, this is where those variates will appear. (different buttons, text link, etc…)


Question 2:

Is there a dashboard that I can create to see all of my data? 

For a really simple way to see all the data from the links you’ve built with UTM tags, I recommend this dashboard that you can implement right out of the crowdsourced gallery in GA. To find it, follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to Google Analytics and select Customization > Dashboards > Create.

Step 2: Select Import From Gallery. Filter by Campaigns by checking the Campaign filter box on the left in the popup.

Step 3: Scroll the Custom Campaigns Snapshot dashboard seen here and click Import.  

Step 4: Choose the Analytics view you’d like to see data from (likely one filtered that excludes your internal IP addresses). Name it something you’ll recognize later and save it. You’ll be able to revisit this dashboard later by taking the first steps over again: Customization > Dashboards.

Tip! Don’t forget to filter by the date range you are wishing to analyze!




I hope this helps you out! Have any other questions about UTM tags or how you can see more campaign data? Reach out! I’d love to chat.


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