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The Indianapolis MarTech Community Is Strong

Recently, I had a call with Douglas Karr. I’ve known him for quite some time now and was really looking forward to hearing what he had to say about oogur. I totally respect this guy. He’s one of those that you can learn something new from every day if you just follow along with his social media accounts.

His personal Twitter is @douglaskarr. His main marketing blog is @martech_zone. You should absolutely visit his website and subscribe to his newsletter to get the latest in new tech also.

About the call

I was so excited to share an oogur demonstration Doug. Leading into the demo, I prefaced the conversation with why I had oogur built and let him know that we were still working on the public-facing website, hoping he wouldn’t judge too harshly.

Turns out, he thought that what I showed him a couple months ago was impressive. He said that he had built a link builder in the past, but what we have put into oogur was different and pretty impressive.

We got the mention!

The result of the call ended with the offer of a blog post on about oogur. I know you’re just dying to read it, so here you go! Check it out!

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