Application Accepted!

On the same day that oogur was launched on Product Hunt, MongoDB also announced their first ever Startup Accelerator.

As a new entrepreneur and one that is bootstrap funded, any opportunity to get assistance with costs is attractive. Naturally, I applied.

How to Qualify for the Accelerator

MongoDB had requirements that the startups applying had to meet. Startups were chosen based on program criteria which included the below criteria:

  • Fewer than 15 employees
  • Privately held
  • In business for less than 2 years
  • Bootstrapped, seed funded and/or pre Series A
  • Less than $1M in annual revenue
  • Building a product or service (agencies are not eligible)
  • Willing to participate in co-promotion with MongoDB & AWS
  • Have not previously participated in the MongoDB Startup Accelerator program

Application Submitted & Accepted!

We optimistically filled out the information requested in the online application. We received notification shortly thereafter that our application was approved!

Accelerator Benefits

Not only is our first year (up to $5,000) on MongoDB covered, but these other great benefits are a part of the accelerator:

  • MongoDB Atlas Credits: Get an At†las cluster of up to M30 to use over the course of 6 months
  • Office Hours: 1:1 technical sessions and architecture reviews with MongoDB Solutions Architects
  • Technical Support: Get help on anything – when we have an issue, or if we want advice on things like schema design, indexing, or how to use a feature
  • Online Courses: We can enroll in on-demand MongoDB University online training courses to learn everything we need to build what’s next
  • Passes to MongoDB World: Join us for hands-on and deep-dive technical sessions at our annual user conference, giving you the tools you need to build and deploy your giant ideas.
  • VC Introductions: Introductions to venture capital firms in the MongoDB network

If you’re interested in additional details, you can learn more about the program here!

Do you have startup experiences you can share to help me and others learn from your experiences? Add them in the comments!

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