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Welcome to oogur! If you’ve landed here because the pain that you experience with building links for your marketing campaigns and storing all the UTMs in a spreadsheet has become cumbersome, you are in the right place.

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Derek McClain, Digital Marketing Manger


Oogur takes the very manual, clunky process of building trackable links and makes it extremely simple. As a digital marketer, oogur allows me to save time building campaign URLs at mass scale, which is huge. The end result is an organized and efficient workflow that makes it easy to see which type of content is performing best. I’d highly recommend giving oogur a shot.

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We encounter these questions frequently when speaking with pros just like you.

Why would I use a tool like oogur?

If you've been doing this for a while, you are likely using a spreadsheet to manage the links you build and the UTM tags you use. The majority of the landing pages you find when you are looking for a URL builder aren't management platforms. This means that if you want to be consistent in your reporting, you have to use a spreadsheet track what you've built. With oogur, everything - including click reports - is included in one really easy to use interface. If you're like us, you dislike using a spreadsheet to manage marketing campaigns. That's why we had this built.

What if I have other needs that you don't currently have?

We are taking great pride in having oogur built for the marketer based on the amazing user feedback that we are collecting. If you don't see your need today, we encourage you to sign up for an account as an early adopter because we actually do listen to our customers and implement features based on your requests. Everyone has different needs and this platform will evolve into one that marketers around the globe will absolutely love to use.

Google's URL Builder is free. Why would I sign up for oogur?

Great question. Oogur helps marketers with demystifying the unknown sources of web traffic that show up in Google Analytics.

Can I manage multiple accounts in oogur?

Technically yes, however we do not recommend that you do. For consistency purposes, we recommend that you sign each account you manage up for its own oogur account.

How do you provide support?

We currently manage support via the support form on our home page as well as Twitter. Follow our Twitter help account @oogur_help.

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