Google Shutting Down URL Shortener – Here’s What We Are Doing

Have you arrived on the oogur website because you were looking for a better way to manage UTM parameters and the links you build for marketing and PPC campaigns? Sweet. We’ve done our job to get you here.

The not so great news though, is that we have built our application’s shortening and click tracking analytics features using Google’s link shortener API.

Google recently announced that they will be discontinuing support for the service for API users in March 2019. We are being proactive and getting ahead of the timeline.

Three Options

  1. Bitly’s API – a strong contender in this decision. The API allows us to do everything oogur was doing and more.
  2. Firebase Dynamic Links – This is another Google product.
  3. Building our own shortener – The more resource consuming effort.

We will announce the direction we’ve decided to run shortly as we make the updates to our application.

About this update: You can read the Google announcement on their developer blog here.

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