How To Find UTM’s in Google Analytics

“Where do I find UTM data in Google Analytics for the links I’ve built?” is probably the most asked question that we receive either in verbal discussions or incoming Drift chat sessions.

Getting to the Campaign report in Google Analytics is pretty easy.

  1. Navigate to the Acquisition tab on the left side panel navigation. Click that and it will expand.
  2. Inside, you’ll see the Campaigns link. Click it.
  3. Select All Campaigns. Now you’ll see a list of your Camaign Names (utm_campaign).
    1. To be sure that you are seeing the data you’d like to for the time period of time relevant to the report you are hoping to generate, look in the top right corner of your Google Analytics console for the date selector.  Is that date accurate? If not, adjust it before proceeding.
  4. Above the list of Campaign Names, you’ll see a button that says “Secondary Dimension”. This is where the hidden gems live.
  5. Click Secondary Dimension. From the drop down, you’ll be able to select data to diver deeper into the UTM reports.
  6. Commonly selected UTM’s you may be seeking are Source/Medium. Click it, and you’ll see the utm_source and utm_medium next to the utm_campaign. That will tell you which Source and Mediums drove the traffic to your campaign.
  7. Did you use the additional fields in the link builder? If so, you’ll be interested to see the specific utm_content or utm_term in the report. (utm_term should have only been used for your Google Ads – don’t use that one if you’re just publishing organic content)
  8. If you used utm_content, select Secondary Dimension again. Now scroll down to Advertising and expand that section. utm_content is a.k.a. Ad Content in the secondary dimensions.

Beyond the UTM

Have some fun! With your Campaigns still showing, you can also start to drill into your traffic a little further.

I like to explore which cities my users came to from the campaigns I am analyzing.

Information like device type (mobile/desktop/tablet), new or returning user, and exit page are also valuable to understand.

Snapshot of Campaign Data

A few months ago, I wrote a post sharing a shortcut that I value. Loves Data has created a really easy-to-use campaign dashboard that you can install from the crowdsourced “app store” if you will. Check it out here.

Has this been helpful for you? Reach out on our chat widget in the bottom right of our site if you still have questions. I am more than happy to help you!

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